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How do you heal from addiction and alcoholism that you created? You may impact others through your addiction but you can also impact them through your recovery and healing. On today’s episode, Duane talks with Wendy Adamson, author of Mother Load and Incorrigible, about intergenerational trauma and how that impacts addiction recovery, getting better, mental health, relationships, and more.

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WellSeekers with Lucia

by Lucia Nazzaro | A Personal Story of Rising in Recovery from Addiction: Wendy Adamson Author of “Mother Load” Especially for Women and Moms

Despite her traumatic upbringing and becoming the woman (her mom) she swore she’d never be, Wendy went from an alcoholic PTA mother shooting at her husbands mistress to jail to getting sober and finding her life’s purpose helping others and halting the cycle of intergenerational abuse. She is an author and certified drug and alcohol counselor.

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